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At Milk Addict, engaging with our community is not just a priority, it's our mission. As an Australian family, we understand the privileges our lifestyle affords us and believe in giving back. Recently, our Founder Rebekah participated in the Run For Autism event, covering over 70 kilometres in one month and raising thousands of dollars. Our dedication extends beyond product provision; it's about actively demonstrating kindness and support for families and our community.

We are also proud to announce our support for AMCS (Australian Marine Conservation Society), aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability. Continuously striving for improvement, we welcome your suggestions on how we can enhance our practices.

Proudly Supporting AMCS

Australian Marine Conservation Society

At Milk Addict, we're proud to support the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) by donating a portion of our profits monthly. Our partnership reflects our commitment to safeguarding marine life and preserving our oceans for future generations.

Our products, crafted from 100% Food Grade LFGB silicone, offer durability without environmental harm. We're dedicated to reducing single-use plastic and minimising waste through sustainable alternatives.

Through small batch ordering, sea freight prioritisation, and support for Australian small businesses, we prioritise eco-conscious practices. Additionally, our community engagement, like participating in events, showcases our dedication to making a positive impact for families across Australia.

Thank you, AMCS, for your vital conservation efforts, and thank you to our customers for joining us in our mission for a sustainable future.

What we stand for

More than a brand...

Non-Toxic & Safe
Our 100% Food-grade silicone is devoid of deleterious chemicals, including BPA (bisphenol A), phthalates, and other conceivable contaminants, including lead— an alarming prospect indeed. It abstains from releasing any toxic substances that might seep into food or beverages, ensuring utmost safety and purity.
Our manufacturing facility in China upholds stringent ethical standards, implementing thorough inspection processes for sourcing raw materials. At Milk Addict, our manufacturing procedures adhere strictly to ISO9001 standards and are BSCI Audit Certified. We undergo regular audits to guarantee compliance with labour regulations, health and safety standards, environmental considerations, and ethical business practices. This unwavering commitment defines our approach. We've invested heavily in creating quality products that redefine standards.
Crafted from 100% Food Grade LFGB silicone, our products boast unparalleled durability, aiming to revolutionise the outdated consumerism model of fast consumption. Gone are the days of single-use items such as disposable plastic plates, containers, and wraps, as we pave the way for sustainable alternatives.
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