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10 eco-products that you will LOVE!

1. Bamkiki Bamboo Toothbrush

In Australia, over 100 million plastic toothbrushes are consumed every year. Our used plastic toothbrushes take over 500 years to degrade causing land, air and water pollution.

This adversely affects wildlife, the environment, and us. 

Bamkiki is Australian designed and owned. They offer eco-friendly and natural bamboo toothbrushes, made from sustainably sourced bamboo that you can buy individually or on subscription, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. On top of having a great product, 5% of their profits go to The Royal Flying Doctor Service in their Oral Health Program.

You can check them out here

Bmkiki bamboo toothbrush

2. The Dirt Company

The Dirt Company was founded on the belief that they could make sustainable household products, that work, something people could fall in love with.

The result? Dirt sustainable laundry detergent. 

They have cut the amount of packaging and increased the concentrate,  then swapped plastic for aluminium packaging where possible. And they have a refill system so you send your pack back and they are reused over and over again, effectively producing zero waste! 

Want to sign up? Find them here

 3. Who Gives a Crap

This company was started in 2013 in a response to the data that 2.4 billion people don't have access to a toilet. 

That's roughly 40% of the global population and means that around 289,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation. That's almost 800 children per day, or one child every two minutes.

So they developed a product in the hope that they could donate proceeds to this important cause. To date they have donated over $8.3 million to their impact partners! Their toiler paper is made from 100% recycled paper and they have just achieved a Carbon Neutral status for their company! 

Order some for your loo now


4. Hero Packaging

There are a number of compostable mailer companies out there now, the more the merrier as far as we are concerned! We personally love Hero Packaging, because they are super cute, as well as being earth-saving, compostable and zero-waste. 

They are robust in shipping, have double strips so they can be reused and they are certified by Australian BioPlastics as home compostable. We still have a long way to go in solving the massive plastics problem our world has created, but if you are a small to large business and often used plastic mailers, this is an easy swap to make a difference to our planet.

Find them here

Hero Packaging mailers

5 Bee Green Wraps 

Bee Green Wraps were created out of a desire to provide an affordable alternative to plastic cling film and plastic zip-lock bags. Not only does this solve an environmental problem, but they eliminate the need to wrap your food in petro-chemicals. 

Bee Green Wraps are made in Sydney Australia, and are made by infusing natural fibers with a special blend of Australian beeswax, tree resin and certified organic jojoba oil. Bee Green Wraps are versatile, mouldable, strong and water resistant but best of all they are re-usable! They are perfect for storing/covering/wrapping fruit, veg, garden produce, nuts, sandwiches, cheese, bread, crackers and fermented foods in your lunchbox, fridge or pantry.

Ditch the Gladwrap and get some here

Beez Wax paper

6 We Might Be Tiny Eco Straws

One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches. Eight million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year, and straws comprise just 0.025 percent of that. Thankfully there are plenty of great options around now so that you never need use a plastic straw again! We love the We Might Be Tiny straws so much we had to have them in out store. We love the silicon over metal, because the hardness of the metal can chip little teeth, and we love that they come with a itty bitty cleaning brush to clean the inside of the straw between uses. You can also choose from 2 colour palettes, and they have really cute little patterns on them to boot.

If you need to get some for yourself, click


7. Keep Cup Australia

Hopefully we all have a keep cup by now! Nobody loves a good coffee more than us Melbournians (or Australians), but our favourite is the Original Keep Cup. We love them because they work with sustainability consultants Edge Environment to assess the environmental footprint of thei products against single-use and multi-use alternatives of various materials. And they also design them with modularity in mind. KeepCups have as few parts as possible, and the use of common parts across multiple products means lost or damaged components can easily be replaced.

They are a great gift idea too, check them out here


8. Sprout plantable pencil

Ready to be blown away? The plantable Sprout pencils can grow into plants like luscious flowers, fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables once they’re too short to use.  

Available in both graphite and colored sets, and made of FSC-certified wood, these nontoxic writing utensils can be sharpened and used just like any other pencil, but when they become too stubby to use, you can plant them end-side down, which will release the plant seeds inside of their caps.

To find out more and where to get them click here

9. Bar None

Tired of everyday products and their packaging being responsible for so much waste they decided to invent something different. They developed a product that was zero waste, vegan, cruelty free and does not harm the environment.

Their bars are packed solid with quality ingredients that will improve the health of your hair. There’s no greasy film left behind. Just clean, full and soft hair.

We recommend you visit

10. Winki Zinc

In an Aussie Summer there is one thing you cannot live without. Sun protection. Well thanks to Winki Zinc, you can now access beautiful zinc that’s kind on your skin, and kind to the earth. You will be happy to know it is also reef safe and 100% cruelty free. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard and cellulose paper, and are fully compostable and recyclable, making them both robust and practical.

Garb yours for Summer here

Winki Zinc



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