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Hold on to your tiny socks, it's time for cutlery adventures!

We've got two awesome options to make mealtimes a messy (but oh-so-fun!) success story.


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First Feeding Set for toddler

Milk Addict Silicone First Feeding Set

Forget slippery spoons and frustration! This set's got super soft, non-toxic silicone that's gentle on gums and easy for tiny grasps.

Easy-grip handles mean less food flying (and more in happy tummies!).

Dishwasher-safe? Yes! Less cleaning, more playtime!

Milk Addict Silicone Spoon & Fork Set

Time to graduate from purées and embrace grown-up eating? This set's your sidekick!

Soft and flexible for safe scooping and stabbing adventures.

Perfectly sized for little hands (no more utensil wrestling!).

Pop it in the dishwasher - mealtime shouldn't mean cleanup duty for you!

Spoon and Fork Set for toddler and kids
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