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We're Finalists of the Clean & Conscious Awards

Milk Addict Celebrates Sustainability Award Nomination!

We're doing a happy dance over here at Milk Addict HQ! We've been nominated as a finalist for the awesome 2024 Sustainability Awards. This award recognises companies creating products that are kind to tiny humans, our planet, and everyone in between. (That's you, superstar parents!)

But why is this award extra special? 

Unlike some stuffy award ceremonies (cough all advertising budget, no actual good deeds cough), the Sustainability Awards are all about fairness. They have a super transparent judging process that's free from the influence of big bucks. So, all brands, big or small, have a shot at winning!

Double the Fun! We're Finalists in Two Categories! 

Get this! We're not just finalists for the overall Sustainability Award, but we've also been nominated in two specific categories:

  • Best Baby Mealtime - Ultimate Mealtime Set: Our eco-friendly silicone tableware collection makes mealtimes a breeze (and a whole lot cuter!).
  • Best Kids Activities 2+ - Milk Addict Silicone Beach Bucket: This award-worthy bucket is perfect for endless beach adventures and building memories that last a lifetime.


What Makes Milk Addict So Award-Worthy?

We're glad you asked! We're passionate about creating a better future for our little ones and our planet. Here's how we're making a difference:

  • Clean Crew: We use only safe, non-toxic materials in our products. Your bub's health is our top priority!

  • Ethical Explorers: We source all our materials ethically, ensuring fair practices throughout our supply chain.
  • Sustainable Squad: We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact with eco-friendly practices and responsible manufacturing.
  • Giving Back Bunch: We believe in supporting local and global communities, making the world a better place, one tiny human at a time!

Being nominated for this award means the world to us! It's a recognition of our hard work and dedication to creating a healthier future for everyone.
Stay tuned! We'll be sharing more about the Sustainability Awards and our sustainability journey soon.

In the meantime, shop our award-worthy essentials and join the Milk Addict fam!

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