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Our Journey of Purpose and Giving Back

In embarking on our small business venture, Monica and I, Bek, were fueled by a genuine sense of purpose. We understood the significance of actively participating in events, championing causes, and giving back. While we hold great admiration for the financial contributions made by various corporations, companies, and small businesses dedicated to supporting communities, we, as small business owners, wanted to go beyond monetary aid. Our aim is not only to contribute financially from Milk Addict but also to be physically present, engaging in events to raise funds for causes that hold a special place in our hearts, as well as in the hearts of our Milk Addict community. 

One such event is the Run For Autism, which I am participating in (waking up at 5 am to hit the pavement)! My goal is to collectively cover a distance of over 70kms throughout the month of October, all with the intent of raising indispensable funds for Australians on the Autism Spectrum. As of now, we, along with our friends at Milk Addict, have already raised close to $700! This endeavour won't be a walk in the park. Balancing a four-day work week, running this business alongside Monica, and parenting, which includes a multitude of therapy sessions for my youngest, Penny, is 'not easy'.

It's been nearly two years since Penny received her Autism diagnosis. This journey has encompassed numerous appointments, therapy sessions, and an overwhelming deluge of information to absorb. Amidst all this, the financial implications have been significant.

Regrettably, there are many families facing financial hardships who find themselves on the waitlist for urgently needed autism assessments.

This is precisely why I've taken up the 'Run for Autism' challenge this October. My mission is to aid children in accessing an early diagnosis, thereby opening doors to specialised support services and offering them the best possible chance to thrive!

With an early diagnosis, children can avail of early childhood supports, including:

  1. Specialist education that tailors the curriculum to harness a child's unique abilities and strengths.
  2. Therapy services for both the child and their parents to foster growth and well-being.
  3. Autism-specific workshops for parents, caregivers, educators, and health professionals to foster connections.
  4. NDIS support, enabling children and adults to develop skills and form new friendships.


run for autism


It's the subtle act of 'doing' that truly makes a difference. Though it may seem small, if it aids just one family, it makes a world of difference for them and their loved ones.

We are also committed to donating products to Fit Kidz, a foundation that stands as a beacon of support for children with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities, along with their families and the community.

Their vision is that every child's development is nurtured by the community to ensure they reach their full potential. For some children, this means they need a little extra support.

The Fit Kidz Foundation delivers a range of high-quality group and individualised Early Intervention services based on a comprehensive approach. For children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, this provides them with the best chance to realize their potential and meaningfully participate in the broader community.

This blog post is not an attempt to boast (although I feel a touch of pride after running 70 kms), but rather to acknowledge the real people behind the small business (US). We want to share our mission and purpose, emphasising that our support for families extends beyond providing sustainable, safe, durable, and functional products. It involves actively DOING, supporting, and demonstrating acts of kindness.

Bek & Mon xo


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